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Love’s labour A garden that evolves with the passing years and the family’s changing needs subtropical and eastern influences, this charming garden in Brisbane’s inner north is a real show-stopper. Megan Roe from Megan Roe Landscape Design has designed her own garden as a series of stunning and unique garden rooms that flow onto each other with ease and grace. The designer’s fluid approach to garden design and penchant for incorporating unique elements is reflected in her choice of garden borders. The garden beds are edged in loosely laid rustic 19th-century bricks sourced from a fireplace. The garden borders can be easily altered and reshaped by simply picking up and moving the bricks. The designer’s labour of love has produced a garden with a mix of vibrant entertaining spaces and cool, contemplation zones. It’s evolved over the last decade as each garden room was added. This includes an oriental garden on the northern terrace, and an elegant outdoor entertaining space with a pond and built-in timber seating. Megan’s design philosophy is based upon an holistic approach. Home decor interior design ideas “I look at garden shapes, spaces and uses relative to the building or house, determine the prime spots for trees and therefore shade, and then tell the story with plants … lots of plants,” she says.

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