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Since being allowed to see the new, smaller garden, I must exercise my cousinly rights and say that it really is not small at all, and is quickly becoming a very handsome â˜gem’ and full of interesting and rather special plants. We hope to show pictures of it when it has matured a little 1A fine bush of rose â˜Aloha’ rises above colourful shrubs. 2 Shrubs with golden tinted leaves, such as Lonicera â˜Baggesen’s Gold’, massed together. 3 An acid-green mass of Alchemilla mollis contrasts with the brilliance of Geranium endressii. 4 Jane Illingworth has a fondness for silver foliage like that of Santolina (Cotton lavender). 5 Dwarf roses near the edge of a border – in the background Acacia Frisia. 6 White roses shine against a backdrop of dark tree foliage. Today, as in 1793 when Thomas Minton founded his china empire, patterns are still produced in the time-honoured tradition. Their Royal Highnesses, The Duke and Duchess of York, chose â˜St. James’ as their wedding gift in 1986 from the British Ceramic Manufacturers Federation. Added to the basic design, shown here, was a cypher of their initials incorporated into the border. From Minton at Royal Doidton, 167 Piccadilly, Wl: dinner plate, £21.00; vegetable dish, £109; sugar box, £45.00. (Portrait of The Duke and Duchess of York by Michael Noakes; courtesy of Yorkshire Television York City Art Gallery.

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