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Home Decorating Beach Theme

A padded door

First remove the door handle and then paint the edges of the door and a few centimetres around the edges of the front of the side you are covering. Choose a colour that tones in with the facing material. Cut a piece of wadding slightly smaller than the size of the door. This wadding could be a length of curtain interlining or a piece of leftover carpet underlay. Fix this to the door using tacks or a staple gun (available from hardware stores to suit various sizes of staple).

Before attaching the facing material over the wadding, mark the door at regular intervals around the edge where the tacks are to go. Cut the fabric slightly larger than the door. Turn back the edges so that you have a panel of fabric the same size as the door. Press these edges, if appropriate for the fabric, and then glue or sew them down. At the same time, cut off the bulk of the material at the corners and fold back, first along one edge and then the other, to mitre them.

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Decorative tacks for attaching this fabric panel can be bought from suppliers of upholstery equipment in a variety of designs and sizes, including the traditional brass-coloured domed-top type. Alternatively, simply attach the fabric to the door with a staple gun, then hide the staples by gluing a braid or edging over them.

Attach the fabric to the door, making sure the material is hanging straight. Fix a tack (or staple) through the centre top of the material into the middle of the top of the door. Make sure that the tension is just right not too tight and not slack and position the second tack through the centre of the bottom of the material into the middle of the bottom of the door.

Finish attaching the fabric along the top. bottom and lastly the sides, always checking tension and (using the weave if there is one) that it is straight. Place a tack in each corner for a neat finish. Other tacks can be placed on the door face in lines to make a pattern or a panel effect.

Cut a small hole through the layers of fabric for the spindle of the door handle or door knob. Fix the door handle or knob back in place.

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