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If you would like the curtain to fall further into the room than the brackets allow perhaps to clear a deep window sill or to fall in front of a blind mount each bracket on a wooden block. The blocks can be finished in the same way as the wall, with paint or paper. As the brackets (or brackets and blocks) will be bearing considerable weight, ensure that they are securely fixed to the wall with long screws.

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Fitting lightweight rods is easy as the ends can be slotted into small metal brackets with integral sockets, either recessed or face-fixed. Telescopic rods are also available; they have an internal spring that enables them to expand to fit the window. Dowelling, being less rigid than a proper curtain pole, needs to be well supported in the middle to prevent it sagging. A small decorative hook of the type onto which you loop a tie-back will do the job. Generally speaking, the thicker the

Simple cotton curtains are hung with iron rings sewn directly to the top of the curtain. The rings are then strung on a narrow iron pole with decorative curled finials. Because the pole is narrow and the curtains long and therefore quite heavy, the pole is given added support by a central bracket.

Pretty gingham curtains are ideal for the kitchen of = country house. They are hung from a standard curtain track which is concealed by a covered fascia board. Tne board has been decorated with the same fabric as that of the curtains, and extends down behind the ruffle bn in front of the track pole, the further it can go without a central support, but even a full-sized pole may need one if it is required to carry heavy curtains.

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