Home Decorating Ideas Painting Walls

Home Decorating Ideas Painting Walls
For those who long for glitter, it is also worth checking out the wide range of metallic paints, powders, creams and pens on the market. These can be put to a wide range of decorating uses, from painting a whole wall to picking out moulding detail.
Given the costs involved, it makes sense to restrict the use of gilding to small areas. This random design of horizontal and vertical gold blocks is restrained but nonetheless extremely effective, giving interest to plain white walls and mirroring the angular patterns of the parquet flooring.
1 Paint the motif in red gesso or cobalt blue casein. When dry, paint a layer of goldsize over the top.
2 When the goldsize is only slightly tacky, press on the sheet, leaf-side down.
3 Carefully peel away the wax backing and apply the next sheet, overlapping the first slightly. Let dry overnight.
4 Rub off the excess leaf with a soft cloth, leaving the original motif intact.

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