Anton Mosimann’s unique collection of cookbooks and menu cards reveals a fascinating glimpse into the culinary history of the last five centuries TOP chef Anton Mosimann is famous for his food – he has cooked for crowned heads, politicians, presidents and celebrities from all over the world.

But not many people know that he is the owner of a unique cookbook library, with more than 6,000 items that reveal a great deal about culinary history over the last five centuries. Now, part of the amazing collection is on show at the Toy Worlds Museum in Basel, Switzerland, in a special exhibition which runs until February 14.

Mosimanns collection includes two editions (1516 and 1530) of the first printed gastronomic text, which was written by Platina, the Vatican librarian; and a work on the preparation of jam by Nostradamus, an astrologist and personal physician.

But also in the collection are the first cookbook printed in German in 1516, the Kuchenmeisterey, and Alessio Piemontese’s 16 th century work known as The Book of Secrets, which was translated into German by Hanns Jacob Wecker from Basle. His wife, Anna Wecker, was the first woman to publish a cookbook.


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