Home Decorating Yourself

Home Decorating Yourself

Look beyond the idiosyncratic appearance of this kitchen, and it becomes clear that a great deal of thought has gone into the selection and siting of each item of storage. Wire baskets and the like allow air to circulate, and no shelf is so deep that it would be difficult to reach items stored at the back.
A. Storing items close to where they are needed is the most important thing to consider when planning any kind of storage. That is why it makes sense to hang clean clothes near where you wash and bathe. However, leaving them on show may not be such a good idea if you are less rigorous than this in your choice of colours.
There is no reason why the inside of a cupboard shouidn ‘t be as good to look at as the outside – and a glimpse of brilliant colour whenever you open a kitchen cabinet door may be just what you need to momentarily forget about daily grind.
Although they can be expensive, built-in cupboards are often the most efficient option when space is needed for a large number of different sized items.

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