The bench where all the toys are put together for girls and boys cutting tiny holes through the wallpaper and through a thin inner wall and pull the wiring through. Again I had to cut tiny holes for the lights on the back walls as well.

I had to borrow a drill to drill three holes in the back of the house to run the wiring to the plugs I had adhered to the back of the house. What I had not planned on was that someday the lights would stop working. So in the original house, there were many more candlelights on the walls.

I think the wiring and deciding how to do it was my greatest success story. When I began putting the house together I realised the stairway on the first floor, the hallway on the second floor, and the angel on the third floor were too dark. I had to place plain light bulbs in order for the house to radiate the light I wanted. So I had to take the walls out and adhere the lighting and then begin again. I needed to decide how far away from the back wall I would place the wall I made, so I glued in some foam board so the walls would be the same distance from the back wall and glued in so they wouldn’t fall over when I carried it.

The most important part about creating this house was that it needed to be easy for me to carry and fit into the back seat, and that is how the size was determined. It is approximately three feet high and two and half feet wide and eleven inches deep.

I had a beagle when I was a child that I loved more than life itself. I had to have A beautiful painting above the mantle.


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