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Give your home decor a refresh with these easy DIY updates that won’t cost a fortune

Giving your home a revamp doesn’t have be expensive, nor does it mean having to endure months of renovations in your space. these simple but creative ideas will help ring the changes without turning into a full room redo, saving you time and money.

Inside Story

Give bookcases and shelving a modern makeover by lining the back panels with offcuts of patterned wallpaper or sheets of gift wrap. Keep to one pattern, or for a more eclectic look, apply a patchwork of different papers with prints in the same colour family.

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Space Savers

No space for a bedside table? Use wasted space above a bed by fitting in a slim wall-to-wall shelf above it to create a surface to display photos or books. Swop table lamps for hanging pendants suspended low on either side of the bed. Genius!

MIrror, MIrror

Brighten up a dark room simply with a mirror. Hang it on the wall opposite a window to reflect the daylight. Placing a mirror behind a bedside lamp or pendant light can maximise the light’s reach.

Sunny Side Up

Bring an old wooden chair back to life with a fresh coat of paint. Pick a bright shade like a cheery yellow in a hardy eggshell and paint the chair, leaving the legs unfinished for a contrasting effect – or, even easier, try the inverse and dip-paint just a section of the legs.

Colour Refresh

Revive your living room with a fresh new colour palette. Make your sofa the focal point by painting a statement wall behind it in two different shades. Swop old scatter cushions and throws for a new line-up in pretty co-ordinating colours.

‘Shop’ Your Home

Instead of going on a shopping spree, walk through your home and borrow items from other rooms or dig out forgotten treasures hiding at the back of your cupboards. Mixing things up and changing them around is a great way of giving old items a new spin.

Bedroom Revamp

Create the appearance of an expensive bed for less. Update your headboard with a new fabric cover, or make your own with a sheet of plywood sized to the width of the bed and the desired height. Pad the board with upholstery foam or wadding on one side and cover with fabric, stapled at the back.


Bored with your bathroom? Perk it up in minutes with a new shower curtain. Easy to install and affordable, it creates an instant, eye-catching effect, whether you choose something fun and quirky or prefer to keep with your bathroom’s existing decor.

Get Organised

Pretty up your desk with a DIY organiser – you don’t need to buy anything new, all it takes is a cardboard box, wrapping paper and jam jars. Cover the box with paper, then colour the insides of the jars using oil-based paint. Fill with stationery once dry.

Pick Of The Bunch

Having fresh flowers in your home is known to boost one’s happiness levels. Be a savvy shopper and split up bunches of supermarket flowers so you have blooms in every room. Place taller blooms in vases and shorter ones in jars.


Make over a bedside lamp with a colourful pom-pom trim. Buy a length of trim and stick it onto the bottom of your shade using a glue gun. You’ll only need around half a metre for a small shade.

Add A Fresh Fragrance

Try this trick used by estate agents to make a home more inviting: layer fragrances like you would perfume, using scented candles, diffusers and fabric mists. Choose uplifting florals, invigorating citrus or refreshing mint.

Stor Emore

Cluttered kitchen counters? Utilise wasted space at the end of a run of wall units to gain extra hanging space by fixing a row of hooks to hang tea towels. An old length of pipe attached to the wall also makes great storage for saucepans and utensils – support each end with sturdy brackets and use S-hooks to hang the items. LuxE LAYErS Take inspiration from a swish hotel to style a gorgeous bedroom for better sleep and energised mornings. Your starting point? The bed. Inject the room with that five-star hotel feeling by adding layers in different textures, such as mixing crisp cotton bed-linen with sumptuous fabrics like a velvet throw and silk cushions to create warmth and interest.



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