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Home Design Advice

Change the Look with Color

The most striking and inexpensive way to change the look of a room and give it an up-to-date lift is with accents of color. This can mean painting the walls, adding throw pillows or colorful accessories, or adding fresh flowers and plants in bright colors. I like monochromatic rooms because it’s so easy to add touches of color wherever and whenever I’m in the mood. If you start out with a shade of white paint on the walls and choose basic white or off-white furnishings, you can’t go wrong.

Bright and Sunny

Every season brings with it a new color palette. Imagine rooms painted with alternating stripes of apple green and white, or persimmon and butter yellow. With these colors you can transform even the gloomiest room into one that is bright and sunny. A sunshine yellow room would do much to lift the spirits on a gray day.

What the Decorators Have to Say

When decorator Mario Buatta designs a show-house room it’s usually filled with colorful fabrics in bold floral patterns that would put any garden to shame. Rainbow-striped fabrics are de rigueur this season and Buatta goes over the top with swags of silk, formalizing windows once again. He calls his new look “English country with brighter colors.”

While lavender is becoming a popular color in decorating, no one used it better than designer Albert Hadley, who called it the “new beige.” Teaming it with dark, dark browns and mahogany woods, this color, used for upholstery, not just accents, is rather striking. My tendency would be to use it sparingly, perhaps on throw pillows or the upholstery on dining room chairs. I’m not so confident as to suggest sofa and chairs in shades of purple.

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