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Home Design Furnitures

Crafting Statistics
The Hobby Industry Association recently announced the following: (1) Within 90 percent of households in the United States at least one family member crafts. (2) The top sources of ideas for crafters are magazines (68 percent), family/friends (56 percent), store displays (49 percent), posts (41 percent), and catalogs (40 percent). (3) Almost half of craft/hobby participants subscribe to and/or purchase craft publications. (4) Viewing of craft television programs is increasing as well.

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More than one third of craft participants reported watching these programs in 1998, versus a quarter in 1997.
This last bit of news isn’t very surprising, due to the fact that there are twice as many cable shows with craft, decorating, and hobby-related subjects than there were a year ago. Decorating with handmade items and making things to give as gifts are the most popular motivating factors.
News for Stitchers
Lately I’ve been looking into new products on the market to make crafting easier. For stitchers who like to do needlework you can now buy a sheet of self-sticking, clear ovals that adhere to the tips of your fingers.

They are intended to save your fingers from needle pricks and are more comfortable and less cumbersome than thimbles.

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