Home Design Ideas Interior

Home Design Ideas Interior

Create a Holiday Floorcloth

A floorcloth designed with a Christmas motif is a great way to add a bit of holiday cheer inside your front door. Sponge-paint the background with contrasting pale green paints, then stencil a border of repeat holly leaves and berries, or a tree pattern. When dry stencil the word “CHEERS” in the center of the floorcloth.

The Best Use for Your Floorcloth

A painted floorcloth should never be used on top of a rug because the rigid surface of a painted floorcloth will not give. It is not pliable and will not bend. The best way to use a painted floorcloth is on a hardwood or tile floor.

For summer use, consider placing a floorcloth on the deck. This is a great way to decorate your outdoor living space. Since the painted canvas is covered with several coats of polyurethane it is relatively waterproof.

Hooked Rugs

While not as popular as quilts, early hooked rugs have managed to hold their own and continue to increase in value. However, you can still find affordable old rugs in good condition, and even newer, less expensive rugs add a touch of old-fashioned charm to any room. Best of all you can find designs and colors to suit any decorating scheme.

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