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In the soaring main living space, a bank of windows stretches from floor to second-story ceiling. Decadent amounts of sunlight suffuse the house with golden streams that fill it like water fills a tub. We designed the house for the daytime, Jim says. During the day, it’s all about the outside. At night, it’s all about the people you invite inside. When guests arrive for dinner, the windows emit a welcoming glow from the carefully planned lighting scheme, enhanced during the holidays by the Christmas tree shining from a second-floor interior balcony. Jim and Todd chose spotlight-style lighting in the high ceiling so they could illuminate certain seating areas while entertainingdirecting light onto the dining table, then to the adjacent den for after-dinner drinks. To facilitate conversation between hosts and guests before dinner, Home design tips the kitchen opens to the great room across a long stretch of countertop. Friends sit on cushy club chairs and an overstuffed sofa, upholstered in casual white duck. When it’s time to eat, they gather around a large oval table. Everything is so angular in the design of the house that we wanted the oval table, just to soften it a bit,”Todd explains. An easy catalog purchase, it blends nicely with the interior’s many antique walnut and cherry One of many collections in the house, these Santa Claus cups and mask find space amid the kitchen’s vintage canisters. Left: Todd Samberg prepares for the real Santa to visit.

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