Home Designer Floor Ideas

Home Designer Floor Ideas

The best collections are those that have gradually come about, where each item has a sentimental pedigree, perhaps associated in your mind with a sunny afternoon when you and a close friend just happened to be passing a junk shop. The objects thus acquired become keys that unlock affectionate memories.

Light effects Sunlight from the window adds sparkle to these antique lamps and dramatizes the strong silhouettes of the reproduction weathervanes (another example is below).

Showing off Collections at best, collections are the decorating Xiequivalent of jewellery, and are constantly added to and lovingly shown off, shining with devoted care. Bear in mind that with collections of practically anything, display is almost everything. Your exquisite nine-teenth-century samplers will look like tattered old rags unless they are proudly shown off in complementary frames (148 for decorating frames).

One collection may become the catalyst for another. A crowd of tiny thematic objects – for example, the multitude of little antique pigs that started off as a peevish joke – will drive you mad unless they are arranged well away from dust, expansive gestures and exploring childish fingers. Now you need to go back to the auction rooms and junk shops to find idiosyncratic old shop fittings, glass fronted and brass handled, in which to display your treasures.

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