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Home Designer Ideas

Collections and Display

Collections have a way of creeping up on a person. For example, pieces of cheap and decorative Chinese stencilled enamel might be proliferating in odd corners of your home without you really noticing: in a moment of inspiration you put them together, and make the ancient and satisfying discovery that the total is greater than the sum of the parts.

These days collections have become big business and canny antique dealers are wise to every turn that the country collector’s fancy may take. It is a real test of ingenuity to find something to collect that has not already been prettified and polished by some antique dealer and given an extremely creative price tag.

This is part of the real pleasure of collecting -looking for beauty where no-one has noticed it before. It is the pleasure of the hunt, getting there before the dealers, finding unlikely sources, cultivating junk shops and jumble sales, and discovering job lots at auction – garage and car boot sales often yield unsuspected bounty. You must learn the devious art of the casual enquiry – asking about a handful of objects among which the object of your quest lurks inconspicuously.

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