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With so much grass to mow, we tried to keep the old garden as simple as possible, though we bought ourselves the grandest and most up-to-date lawn-mower. It cost us as much as my husband’s BMW had done ten years before! â˜I love plants with variegated leaves, or grey foliage, and coloured ground coverers to keep down weeds. Roses, of course, are favourites, especially some of the modern shrub roses like âœAlohaâ, âœIceberg❠and âœNatalie Nypelsâ, a real rose for connoisseurs, and a favourite of the great Vita Sackville-West. David Austen describes it as, âœone of the most beautiful of the floribundasâ.’ Jane Illingworth continues, â˜Alchemilla mollis was one of the first plants we planted, and it soon seeded itself everywhere – marvellous dried for flower arrangements, and a beautiful jade green when freshly picked. When making another flower bed, a clever gardening friend told us how to begin – âœget a hose pipe and kick it about on the ground till you get the shape you wantâ. This we did with complete success. â˜Then, after fourteen rewarding years, times changed, and I moved into a smaller house with a smaller garden – whether it will ever become the proverbial âœlittle gem❠remains to be seen. â˜It is a comfort to know that nice people bought our old house. They are both enthusiastic and I am sure that they will give the garden the love and care it is used to, and keep it a happy place.’

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