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“We Should Understand The Importance Of What The Rating System Is Trying To Say Without Really Getting Involved In It. Fifty Per Cent Of The Rating System Is Design Oriented, So You Can Conveniently Create A Green Building By Understanding Its Orientation With Respect To The Sun And By Implementing Other Tweaks.

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We Take A Couple Of Criteria From These Ratings; Methods That Save 50 Per Cent Energy And 70 Per Cent Water, Keep Them 100 Per Cent Day-Lit, Etc…And We Build Around Such Criteria Without Having To Involve Leed Or Griha’S Point Status.”

It Is Not A Question Of Whether You Like It Or Not. There Are Eight-Hour Power Cuts In Some Parts Of New Delhi These Days. If Your Building Is Not Green And You Have No Air-Conditioners, You Can’T Tolerate The Heat. You Have To Think Of Natural Ways To Keep The Buildings Cool, About Cross Ventilation, Proper Use Of Glass, Proper Insulation And Proper Ceilings. I Believe The Government Should Make It Mandatory For All The Upcoming Constructions To Incorporate Sustainable Architecture.”

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