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ARMCHAIR TRAVEL Book an expedition through the pages of The Blue Bear (HarperCollins, $25.95).Texas-born- A author Lynn Schooler moved to Alaska 30- some years ago and never had the heart to leave. Based in Juneau, he became a guide for photographers and film crews capturing Alaska’s southeastern glacier coast at her finest. Likewise, Lynn’s book leads the reader deep into his sense of place. Home designs furniture Well-chosen metaphorssuch as tantrums of P the gulf that can rock a boatvividly depict Alaskan K life. His words dramatically re-create natural wonders: 31 the sound of ice calving, the sight of humpbacks bubble netting, the soft squish of a boggy forest. Subtitled A True Story of Friendship, Tragedy, and Survival I in the Alaskan Wilderness, the book also relays FANTASY ISLAND Isla Mujeres may be a dot on the map of Mexico, but the islandfive miles off the coast of Cancunis making its mark among travelers.

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