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Crossing the channel

Drainage is a crucial consideration when it comes to shower floors, and with open, floor-even showers in great demand, shower channels are becoming increasingly sought after. Essentially, a shower channel works exactly the same way as a traditional shower drain, but once installed, it acts as an open profile in which water collects and flows to the inlet connector. Shower channels, such as Geberit’s CleanLine shower channels, can be customised to suit the exact size of the showering area, and they can be placed right up against the wall or in the middle of the shower area. What’s more is that they are just as easy to install as a conventional drain, they boast a pre-fitted sealing foil to ensure a permanent seal, they can be very quickly and easily cleaned, and the inlet connector cover features a comb insert that effectively holds back hair and other larger particles to prevent the drain from becoming blocked.

Coming clean on bathtubs

As a common fixture in most residential homes and hospitality establishments, the bathtub stands as the anchor of most bathroom layouts. It remains an indispensable addition from both a practical and aesthetic point of view. However, it is also an immovable fixture, so it is important that you choose the right one to install from the onset.

Different types of materials explained

Bathtubs need to cater to several requirements – aesthetics, comfort, durability, maintenance, safety, and of course, price. What they are made from, will largely dictate how they accommodate each of these requirements. There are three main types of materials that modern bathtubs are manufactured from, namely acrylic, cast iron and pressed steel. Each material has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, and it is important to be aware of these before making your final decision. Below is an overview of the three main materials used to manufacture bathtubs:

Acrylic: To their advantage, acrylic bathtubs are affordable, lightweight, and comparatively easy to clean and maintain. Acrylic material is also able to withstand high temperatures and ultraviolet rays without the risk of the material cracking or chipping. In terms of maintenance, all that is required is regular cleaning using a soft cloth and a non-abrasive cleaner, whilst a buff every few years can bring a dull, scratched bath back to its glossy former glory.

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