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Floors of Character

Country flooring looks best When made of good, solid, natural materials. Great wide planks of wood: greyish oak, blonde ash or subdued pine, either tongue-and-groove or bracingly gappy; maple as in some American country houses; chunky square terracotta pammets from Norfolk in England, with all the russet colours of baked clay; smooth brick laid close and loose, or firmly mortared; stone flags – in a host of local variations from slates to limestones -worn to gentle undulations by countless feet. Or you could consider making a marble patchwork floor (in a hall – the effect is somewhat busy for a living room) with offcuts acquired from a monumental mason.

Use rugs if you find stone floors cold – the thicker the better. Old-fashioned rag rugs are ideal (104), and your fine Turkish carpet will benefit from having a non-slip underlay.

Another sympathetic and rather more economical flooring material is linoleum, which used to come in the rich colours and patterns of Turkish carpets, and can still be found these days in dark plain colours and mottled marbled effects in subtle colours.

Hexagonal terracotta tiles When interlocked, these beautiful hexagonal tiles make a honeycomb pattern.

Hardwood boards FFych elm and brown oak To give them a rich sheen, apply many layers of wax floor polish Linoleum Still available in rich colours and with marble effects

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