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Here, she met up with a well-known antique dealerdecorator who persuaded her to settle into interior decoration full-time. Since then, she has established a business which encompasses all styles of properties, including hotels and banks as well as private houses and flats. 1-4 Deep red walls set the dramatic yet intimate tone of the sitting-room. Above the Victorian marbled slate chimneypiece hangs an ornate nineteenth-century giltwood mirror with shelves displaying Diana Griffin-Strauss’ collection of china birds. An unusual eighteenth-century pine chest, painted in the 1930s, stands between the windows. Several animal paintings are grouped above the leopard-skin’ covered sofa. For twenty-five years, The Landmark Trust has been saving quirky, even bizarre, architectural follies and landmarks. Julia Abel Smith describes its imaginative work what HAS A tudor gatehouse in Devon in common with a martello tower in Suffolk? The answer is that they are two of Britain’s many small and delightfully idiosyncratic buildings which have been preserved thanks to the foresight of one man, Sir ] ohn Smith, who founded The Landmark Trust to tackle projects too troublesome or unfashionable for anyone else’.

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