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A Renewed Focus On Lighting Comes About A Decade After Manufacturers Embraced The Illuminated Control Panel As A Must-Have Feature Of High-End Grills. Using Led Lights To Illuminate The Control Panel Made Sense, Particularly At Night, But Eskew Reports That Too Often, Customers On The Showroom Floor Fell In Love With The Look Of Die Lights And Didn’T Mind That They Could Not Really See The Control-Knob Settings. The Feature Ended Up Being Purely Decorative.

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“These Days, All Premium-Grill Manufacturers Have Lights On The Control Panel, So We Decided To Take That One Step Further,”

Eskew Says. “Behind A Redesigned Control Knob, We Have A Piece Of Gray Acrylic Material That The Knob Appears To Float Above— And All Of That Nests In A Really Nice Bezel. The Graphite-Gray Acrylic Material Is Sleek And Appears Soft And Smooth.”

He Continues, “That Darker Detail Around The Knob Works Well With The Darker-Gray Temperature Gauge. When You Push The Illumination Button On The Control Panel To Actuate The Control-Illumi- Nation Feature, That Graphite Gray Turns A Translucent Gray Color, And Within That, There Is An Indigo-Blue Gradient Line That Is The Indicator, From High To Low.”

On The Knob Itself, There Is A Small Triangular Notch That Also Glows. When The Grill Is Viewed As A Whole, Consumers Are Treated To A Striking Aesthetic Piece, Even When The Unit Is Not Illuminated. Eskew Explains That The Feature’S Considerable Appeal, Even In The Off Mode, Is Important, Since The Unit Is Usually Turned Off When First Viewed By Customers.

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home interior design ideas kerala

home interior design ideas kerala - Beautiful And Elegant Kerala

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