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Happy seller Peter shares how OpenAgent helped him achieve real estate success I found OpenAgent on the web. After entering my details they called me back, found out more about what I was looking for and what I needed, âœWe sold our house within four weeks and got a great price – nearly $100,000 more than I was expecting❠and within a day, got back to me with a list of two agents. I then contacted both agents and picked one to work with. OpenAgent did all the hard work. We sold our house within four weeks and got a great price – nearly $100,000 more than I was expecting. And that was because of the agent I was using. The fees we negotiated with the agent were also fantastic. Cabin from Backyard Everyone’s talking about granny flats! Build for your folks, ship out the â˜kids’ or use as a home office… tHome interior design ideas he choice is yours Creating extra living space doesn’t have to involve extending your house. A self-contained dwelling a granny flat is an affordable way to expand, without the hassle of a full-blown reno. Check out this variety of backyard styles and sizes to spark your imagination. You could buy a kit, design and build your own or even convert your garage! Ready to start? Turn the page to see how the BHG TV team built a comfy home from a 9 x 3.4m transportable…

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