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That’s something any academy visitor should try. The windows’ artistry puts them in a museum-quality category and inspires people from all religions. After a recent restoration, experts commented on the windows’ worth as examples of early 20th-century decorative arts, especially with contributions from Tiffany and the Gorham Company. Just think what a Tiffany glass lampshade goes for on Antiques Roadshow,’  says Margaret. But it’s the pervading patriotic, historic, and spiritual themes, she says, that give the windows deeper worth. I don’t know if you can put a monetary value on them, she says. Home interior design pictures Guided tours of the academy include a stop inside the chapel for a look at the windows.

Public Sunday services conducted in the chapel include a 9 a.m. Catholic Mass and an 11 a.m. Protestant service. Call 410263-6933 or visit navyonline.com. Right: Scripture reports that Noah, the Bible’s first recorded shipwright, built the ark to divine specifications. In the window’s center, he welcomes the dove bearing an olive branch. On the left, he’s shown at work, and on the right, giving thanks beneath the rainbow of hope. Above, top:The steadfast Big Dipper guides these rowers. Center: With a lightning flash and a curling wave, this window shows Jesus and his disciples before he calms the sea. Bottom:The fishermen called to be disciples cast their nets and bring them in so full that they later break.

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