Home Interior Designs Ideas

Home Interior Designs Ideas

Decide your budget and watch for sales on furniture. Be sure to check internet ratings first on furniture stores!! If there have been problems with certain stores, you’ll know which ones to avoid.

If you need to block off one section of the room, say for watching TV, use a sofa or long table as a room divider. Even taller houseplants can be used.

What color will you use? Once decided, carry the swatches with you when picking out throw pillows. The basic beige sofa below is great. The look can be changed seasonally or yearly just by switching out or covering the pillows!

Display your favorite artwork here, accent and highlight it. This can become a focal point.

Carpet is nice in the living room, soft underfoot, but carpet also attracts dirt, animal hair dander, dust and other allergens. Wood floors or wood laminate are functional, especially if you have young children. Dark wood is more formal, but can also be quite dramatic.

If you have lots of windows, plan to spend some of your LR budget on curtains or window treatments. Washable curtains are wonderful, and the grommet type are easy to pull back and forth.

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