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Along Brewer Street, I pass the Greek Revival doorways of what Richard told me has been an African-American neighborhood for generations. New London’s finest Greek Revival building, the 1833 Robert Mills-designed granite U.S. Custom House on Bank Street, itself played an epic role in African-American history Here, the liberated slave ship Amistad was impounded in 1839 and eventually sold for salvage. I’m pleased to see that unlike so many seaside places, Home interior designs this old city still goes about much of its original business. The U.S. Customs Service X A. crisp breeze blows through your hair as you walk on the sandy beach looking for seashells. After your early morning of shelling, you go back to your cozy beachside cottage, brew a fresh pot of steaming coffee, and warm yourself beside the fireplace. As the flames crackle and pop, the rest of the family slowly awakens, wipes the sleep from their eyes, and joins you around the hearth.

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