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Modernist furniture, as depicted in Life Magazine, 1950s. The outlines demarcated by the furniture form the general outlines of a room, Home interior but without walls, and express an articulation of inside and outside. These boundaries create a notion of volumetric space. Nevertheless, the furniture photograph reflects a common presumption that the interior is limited only to a single room, rather than an interconnected environment of support architectural definitions erroneously hold, at the threshold of entry from the outside. On the contrary, that entry experience is secondary. Instead, interior space begins within us and includes the surroundings in immediate proximity to our bodies. In the end, personal space is not a question of how we perceive existing conditions but, rather, how we express ourselves in a spatial context.21

The design process should begin with the individual and work its way outward. Our experience of the world necessarily takes place through the lens of the built environment. Recognizing this provides a fascinating new definition of the interior as a second skin, and as the mediator of all design.

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