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What time is it? yells someone from the vicinity of a palm tree. People in garish tropical shirts reply in unison, It’s time for a team drink! At a waterfront bar in Sarasota, Florida, a meeting of the Sarasota Bay Parrot Head Club has come to orderor as close to order as this bunch ever gets. What’s a Parrot Head? A fan of Jimmy Buffett, amiable singer of Margaritaville and Cheeseburger in Paradise and author of the best-selling A Pirate Looks at Fifty. In the ’80s, Buffett audiences started wearing outlandish, islands-inspired duds. During a concert, the band’s bass player called them Parrot Heads. The name stuckand became the official title of Buffett’s more than 150 fan clubs. Home lighting design Sarasota’s group claims to be the second largest, with 498 active members. (The largest is in Tampa.) President Dave Carpenter describes Parrot Heads as people getting together who like Jimmy Buffett and want to do a little good. His wife, Lori, puts it succinctly: party with a purpose.

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