Home Office Design Styles

Home Office Design Styles

Making Your Own Comfort
Even if you don’t have old and wonderful things with which to surround yourself, you can create a warm environment with things you find and love. My daughter-in-law is in love with all things from the Victorian era. They live in an old farmhouse and she spends a great deal of time going to auctions, yard sales, and the antique market. Her house is filled with wonderful old pieces that she’s acquired piece by piece as she could afford them. Everything in the house looks like it might have been inherited, creating a warm and comfortable feeling. Sometimes a few antiques from a past era that you’re attracted to will add to the charm of your new environment. You don’t have to adhere strictly to one style once you start on this path. Mixing styles is far more interesting.
A Little Goes a Long Way
Decorators often get rid of the old when the urge for change takes a grip. When a well-known decorator 1 know sold his house in town, he simply put a lot of his furniture out on his front lawn for anyone to take. “I wanted the new house to dictate the furnishings, rather than the other way around,” he told me.
For most of us, it’s financially impractical to get rid of everything and start over. Furniture is expensive. For young people starting out, it’s hard enough to acquire a home, let alone furnish it. If this is your situation, work around what you have. Slipcover an old sofa in new, up-to-date fabric, for example. If this is beyond your ability, camouflage it with lots of fresh new throw pillows in an array of smashing fabrics. Be daring with color because you can always change the look next season by simply changing the pillows.

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