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A quarter of a million miniature lights glitter mischievously among the hedges and flower beds of a stately ‘ garden. Fanciful creatures, all formed from lights, frolic everywhere. Some spring to lifeor at least appear to. An orca leaps incongruously among the precisely aligned hedges. A sea lion sails from a rock to splash into the ocean. Home theater room design The park’s Holiday Lights runs from Thanksgiving through January 5. Each year, it draws 50,000 visitors, Home theater room design many of them wide-eyed children. They love the orca whale, says Shirley Bridgham, who annually undertakes the massive task of planning the light scheme. They love moving things. And they love the cider and cookies. That may be their favorite part. This fantasyland appears for a simple, magical reason: The people of the Coos BayNorth Bend area in southern Oregon love Shore Acres State Park. A volunteer group called Friends of Shore Acres lured extra visitors in 1987 with 6,000 white lights and one decorated tree.

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