Home Tile Design Ideas

Home Tile Design Ideas

Fixing tiles

Use the tile adhesive recommended by the manufacturer for the type of tile you have chosen, and spread it out 1 sq m (1 sq yd) at a time with a pointing trowel, ensuring that it is no more than 3mm (Kin) thick. Start in the corner where the horizontal and vertical battens meet.

Next, take a notched spreader, usually supplied with the adhesive, and distribute the adhesive evenly over the area, but leaving regular ridges. The grooves will create suction when you put the tiles on the wall, thus helping to secure them. If you are using a sealing strip, press this into the adhesive first. If you experience trouble getting it to stay in place, secure it temporarily with a couple of nails.

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Press the first tile firmly onto the adhesive, resting it squarely on the tile-support battens. Put a spacer or matchstick against the corner of the tile and place and fix the next tile. Continue to build up horizontal rows in this way, stopping occasionally to check your work by using a spirit level to ensure that the tiles are flush. Wipe any blobs of adhesive from the tiles with a damp cloth.

Having completed the rows of whole tiles, you will need to fill the gaps on the outside edges. To establish where to cut the tiles, take a spare tile and hold it against the previous full tile, glazed side to the wall, so that its outer edge butts up against the adjacent wall. Mark the back of the loose tile with a felt-tip pen or chinagraph pencil at the points at which it meets the fixed tile, and deducting the allowance for the grout that has been made by the tile spacer, use a steel rule to draw straight across the back of the tile.

Mediterranean tiles in a geometric pattern add colour but are also a supremely practical decorative option.

In a heavy-wear area, such as below the dado rail in this hallway, the tiles are impervious to bumps, scuff marks and splashes, while providing a colourful point of interest.

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