Home Tile Design Photos

Home Tile Design Photos

Turning corners

Tiles can fulfil a variety of functions, as in this bathroom.

The stone tile creates a waterproof surface for the shower, while the mosaic tile has a more decorative function, creating a smart dado. The glass bricks provide essential privacy, while also allowing in the light.

Firmly score the loose tile with a tile scorer or the wheel cutter of your score-and-snap pliers. Use the pliers to break the tile along the scored line, or snap it against the straight edge of a table or work bench. If you are using a tile-cutting jig, it will have a marking gauge which you can set to the width of the gap before cutting. Do not be tempted, however, to cut all your tiles at once, without measuring gap by gap first, because walls are seldom square and you will waste tiles.

When you need to cut around a more difficult or intricate shape, you should use pincers and bite away a little piece at a time.

Before you fix the cut tile in place, hold it against the gap to check that it fits. If it does, lay it on a flat surface and smooth the cut edge with a tile file. It will probably be necessary to butter the back of the tile with adhesive before fixing it to ensure that it sticks firmly.

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