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Okay today’s post is gonna be on heritage harbor we had a chance to shoot a lot of their cottage homes and 2018 and it’s beautiful designs we got the future and we’re gonna be down there a lot in 2018 so I’d like to do a recap and show you some of those homes we had a chance to shoot all in one post. But before I do we just tell your equipment the community is located about 90 minutes southwest of downtown Chicago so real short drive for a lot of folks get down there first of the weekend.

Home Tour The Cottage Homes at Heritage Harbor Photo Gallery

But the community itself it’s centered around the state of the art marina and it’s surrounded by all kinds of nature and outdoor activities you can do. So we’re going to showcase a lot of that in 2018. But today let’s take a look at a variety of homes we’ve had a chance to shoot this year all right let’s start off with the tiny cottages now they range anywhere from 560 up to 1,100 square feet what’s nice about these tiny homes is they’re actually built on a foundation rather than some of the ones you see out there that I’m mobile they offer one or two bedrooms and one to two and a half baths many of them have sleeping lofts which is a nice little added bonus for weekend getaway another good thing about the tiny cottages is, if you want you can put it back in the rental pool I’m you don’t have to. But, if you do it’s a great return on your investment in heritage harbor completely managed the next step up is what they call the perfect little house it’s a little bit larger than the tiny cottages these homes range from 700 up to 1,200 square feet they have two bedrooms one and a half to two and a half baths they also offer sleeping lofts in some of the designs and much like the tiny cottages these perfect little houses can also be put into the harrier chopper rental pool so again another option for you another home we were able to shoot why we’re down there is what’s called a heritage series condos these are ranch-style condos now there’s a garden level and a scenic level each with Rome private entry now these condos have anywhere from two to three bedrooms in two to three bass range in square footage from 1100 to 2,100 square feet the next one I’d like to show you is what they call their flight series these are more mon or contemporary designs.

But it’s a two-story design. But they have a finished walkout lower level they range in square footage from 2400 up to 3,000 square feet they have two to three bedrooms and two and a half to three half ass now the last series of homes that wanted to talk about are the custom cottages I just love the exteriors everything from the architectural features to the coastal colors they use their absolutely beautiful inside these catacombs you’ll find nice open plans which make it great for entertaining for family and friends. But there’s volume ceilings spacious lofts and a lot of the homeowners have nice finished lower levels now as far as bedrooms they range anywhere from three to five bedrooms typically maybe more with depends on the finished basement and four square footage they start around 2,400 square feet and go well beyond three thousand now’s four Lots they have both interior and waterfront lots and the waterfront lots they have that are available give you a nice walk out basement that you can walk route your door right to your boat how nice is that you get a chance to really ought to go down there and check it out. But I’ll just finish off this post by showing you a bunch of different shots of the custom cottages you.

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