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Okay I’m in Northbrook Illinois I’m going to take photos of this newly completed custom home it looks like it’s nicely staged I’m gonna hit the lights and we’ll get started now this home has more than 3,600 square feet four bedrooms four and a half baths a full finished basement and three-car garage just through the mudroom here you’ll see the laundry you’ll notice there’s hardwood pours all throughout the first level here put two nice-sized backyard this is a huge eat in the kitchen these are quartz countertops you have stainless steel appliances and beautiful clean subway tiles for the backsplash let’s head on upstairs this is a great size for the loft area upstairs and just off the lock there is bedroom one and here’s your master suite here’s bedroom three and they have a jack-and-jill bath that leads to better number four let’s take a peek in that basement now, if you want more information on this home on the link below in the description.

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Hey Tammy hi Sean how are you good good I understand we’re going to see two tiny houses today yeah I can’t wait to show you we’re going to see the red carriage house which is great living space above the two-car garage and then I’m going to be able to show you a tiny house cool all right let’s do it this red carriage house was really designed for that either investor or that small weekend person that had the toys. Because it’s too large garages on the bottom that offer you the ability to store your kayaks your electric golf cart your jet skis your small fishing boat that third car that you only drive on the weekends. So you can store that below and then you go upstairs and you have your large 1-bedroom 1-bath you’ll see that the bedroom is large with a king bed stackable washer and dryer so there you are you use the toys down below and you come rest from all your adventures upstairs. But, if you’re looking at it from a rental opportunity as well it was designed perfectly for that.

Because it has exterior stairs up to the living space so someone would have the opportunity to run out one or two stalls of the garage offering a 20 by 20 driveway in front still for people to park, if the storage is left in the garage and then you can rent out the upstairs separately. Because the upstairs is accessible through exterior stairs not through the garage therefore you have two rental opportunities you can rent the garage lock it off you can run the upstairs lock off the garage or you can rinse them also the same and there’s plenty of places for people to park and store stuff regardless of what situation you choose it’s that perfect weekend for that couple or that young family that just need that quick getaway and it’s more about being the toys and being outdoors. But a nice comfortable place to lay their head at the end of the day and cook them now you said there’s another home we could take it was another tiny house yeah come on down the lake this is the whole mine cut you saw that for Pelican Landing affectionately called the white and chocolate house come on and Shawn did you bring your suitcase. Because this is how does this case ready is coming fully furnished and all you have to do is remember to bring your cooler to be able to cook in this beautiful kitchen oh this is gorgeous here I love the stove first of all it is one of the few manufacturers that make the downdraft.

But it allows you to be cooking and visiting with your guests while you’re here and the cabinets are all painted and they all have the pullout drawers to maximize storage. Because once again you’re on a smaller space you have to maximize every inch of space that you have quartz countertops the microwave is tucked down below more and more people are starting that trend where they want that microwave hidden whether it’s behind a cabinet door or tucked below and of course still stainless steel appliances are the big trend with the larger refrigerator. Because remember this house was designed to entertain and. Because you’re in a marina resort community so it’s very important that you have the kitchen that has the double doors and did you ever go buy a tray of food to put on a buffet and you can never fit near a refrigerator.

So you can fit plenty of trays here and parts of quite a few spaces for that cold beverage as well and then of course you always have been necessity of a small powder room on the first floor. But instead of just putting a base cabinet like they’re seeing nowadays they do more of the furniture pieces so, when you come over here he envisioned that you would have your family dinners here please have your indoor dummy that can move here outdoor dining let him wrap around to your front door once again offering an easy flow for all of your guests or children that are running for the pool and back, if that’s not enough room then he offered the covered porch that back look sets us to the community pool which could be screened in or it doesn’t have to be screened in. But it’s once again offering a lot of outdoor living space kind of like exactly this place with the pool yeah it’s like having a pool in your own backyard. But not really having to pay or clean it right everybody that comes through this home continues to be constantly impressed with the different ceiling heights and the long window.

And I guess. Because of the natural light and then entering our first bedroom it accommodates plenty of space with a queen bed and even storage for all your shirt swimsuits and sweatshirts for those cold winter nights and the second bedroom or a nice section we call or like the sciences adventure waist tune this one. Because it can be many things it can be a second bedroom this is a pull-out futon that makes it additional storage space it can be that private place that you can read while everybody is entertaining downstairs and once again functionality of a tiny house we are able then to tuck into this flex room a hookup for a sec of a washer and dryer so the room serves multiple purposes depending on how you plan on spending your weekends it’s so perfect to get away isn’t it, if you know is, when you’re chewing it you’re like this is all I really need for everyday living. But it’s really all you really need for vacation living as well and then the bathroom is full of features with a step entire walk-in shower plenty of natural light to put your makeup on which is always a challenge in a typical you know small home or a hotel room and then they even do extra shelf here for storage.

So you can put like guest towels out so they’re not searching through all of your cabinets trying to find that kinda stuff it makes sort of tore Tammy hey you’re not going to get. Because I have to ask you the same question I asked everybody else how many square feet do you think this house is I’d say probably eleven it’s working maybe wrong Sean it’s only 960 square feet really so it’s really a perfect example of how well you can live in a smaller home I mean feels large does it Liz very large and you always like I said with the stores in that that are creating furniture nowadays they’re getting so creative with storage and sleeping and air mattresses and pullout sofas I’ve come a long way since I was a kid you.

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