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Significantly Less Thought Is Given To Addressing Human Behavioural Patterns And Functions In A Built Environment. Unfortunately, Architects Are Taking A Sedentary Stand As Most Structures Turn Out To Be Mere Replicas Of One Another – Both In Terms Of The Exterior And Interior. The Building Type Becomes A Guideline For The Designer To Follow Stringent Rules And Draws Their Attention Towards Profit Margins For The Owner. The Critical Design Experiment Is Often Missed Out Or Overlooked While The Initial Concept Is Restricted By An Outlining Brief Governed By The Client’S Budget. While Some May Argue That A Balance Of Both Design And Business Is Expected From The Architects And Designers, The Space Generally Tends To Be Exploited, As They Work In Compliance With The Purse-Strings.

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Architects The World Over Are Faced With This Challenge And A Lot Of Them Have Successfully Managed To Attain The Right Balance. There Are Enough And More Examples Of Commercially Successful Aesthetic Structures Around The World That Have Become Case Studies. But This Takes A Different Dimension In The Hospitality Industry, Especially In The Indian Context.

As A Major Contribution To Our Gdp, The Growth Of Tourism Has Fuelled The Service

Designers Group, Founded By Khozema Chitalwala, Has Over Two Decades Of Experience In Interior Design And Architecture, With Hospitality Being Their Forte. Their Clientele Includes The Taj Group Of Hotels, Itc Welcome Group, Hyatt Regency, Mahagun Group And Many More. Chitalwala Believes That Rigourous Designing Is An Endless Process Of Collating Architecture And Interior Aesthetics, To Leave An Indelible Mark And Inspire Living. Sustainable And Eco-Friendly Projects That Have A Positive Impact On The Built Environment Of Our Country.

There Has Been A Marked Increase In The Number Of Green Projects – A Case In Point Being The Gujarat International Financial Tec-City (Gift City) Coming Up In Gandhinagar.

Promoted As A Green Project, It Aims To Embody A Lifestyle That Balances Business Alongside An Eco-Sensitive Environment.

The Clubhouse, Which Is An Embodiment Of The ‘Make In India’ Initiative, Has Been Constructed Using Almost All Local Materials. With Solar Panels On The Terrace, Effective Air-Conditioning Units For Reduced Energy Consumption, Thermal-Control Glazing On The Fagade, Rainwater Harvesting And A Sewage Treatment Plant, It Serves To Productively Handle Eco-Design Elements That Smartly Coalesce With The Business Environment.

The Clubhouse Is Projected As A Core Recreational Facility In Providing Leisurely Comfort As Well As A Classy Respite For The Big Financial Institutes Planning Their Offices In Gift City. The Human Interface At All Stages And Spaces In The Building Is Sustainable Yet Highly Experiential.

When The Space Creators (Architects) Insist On Conforming Only To What Is Good Not Just For The Environment But Also For The End Users, The Urbanscape Of A Nation Is Bound To Become Healthier And Hence More Profitable, Both In The Perceptible And The Experiential. To Quote Richard Nuetra, “The Architect Who Really Designs For A Human Being Has To Know A Great Deal More Than Just The Five Canons Of Vitruvius.” Conscious Of Sustainability.

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