Home Zone Design Guidance

Home Zone Design Guidance

You do not have to limit yourself to looking at other houses for ideas. It may be that a place that features in childhood memories, a favourite item of clothing or a holiday postcard are equally evocative. Whatever they happen to be, the next step is to collect all your sources together. Spread them out on a flat surface or paste them onto a board and see whether some kind of story begins to emerge. It may be that the colours in front of you form a kind of family or that similar styles of furniture appear in several of the photographs.
These themes provide the perfect starting point, as they can be used as reference material to suggest paint colours, for example, or to guide your choice of furnishings. Use them as a springboard for ideas. A preponderance of coarse, natural textures, for example, might suggest slubby linen and hessian for upholstery and window treatments. You will probably reject some of these ideas further down the line and modify others to suit your budget or as a compromise with loved ones, but no matter. The important thing is that you are no longer stuck at square one.
You will probably also notice that your tastes are more eclectic than you thought. Modern furnishings put in a guest appearance alongside your favourite traditional interiors, or vice versa, and some elements are there just for fun. These should not be discarded when it comes to turning inspiration into reality, quite the opposite, in fact. The most stylish and welcoming interiors are always those which contain intriguing contrasts or one or two surprises.

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