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Hello everyone welcome back to LG Queen home decor I hope you all are having a beautiful day today I’m going to be showing you a home goods and Marshalls haul I’m so excited to show you everything I purchased. Because I love it all so much. And I love the greenery I love my sparkles and shine so let’s get started with this first item is only, when I purchase from Marshalls so I’ll go ahead and do this one this one originally was 49.

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99 this 7t light candle holder and it was in the Christmas section. So I purchased it for $25. Because it was 50% off what an amazing deal so so so happy next is this gorgeous luxurious throw this is a statement piece on top of my sectional it just adds the wow factor the glam the luxurious feel and these sequins are just absolutely gorgeous none of them come out so it is such a great quality and the price is just amazing next is this gorgeous mirror tray and purchase from home goods for $29.99 and that’s the bottom check this out you guys you will not believe in it’s spins look at those diamonds how beautiful is this I could start this piece all day it’s just breathtaking next I purchase this beautiful green ball of greenery for $19.

99. And I purchased the smaller one for $9.99. And I have a amazing idea with these.

And I just went ahead and purchased them. Because, when the time comes to buy greenery for the home for spring and summer they’re all gone. So I went ahead and purchased them. And I’m so excited to show you all at the end of this post a picture of how I styled them next is this gorgeous set of candle holders they were all priced separately the smaller one was $12.

99 this beautiful mercury glass and the bigger ones were 16.99 and says the hand made in India. And I just cannot believe that is just beautiful another greenery that I purchased is this beautiful tree this was a sale. And I purchased it for originally it was $69.

99. But I got it for $35. And I thought this was just an amazing deal. Because it’s just I could use this year long has a beautiful Sparkle and greenery is absolutely beautiful my last and final beautiful piece is this artwork I purchased this for $50 you guys this was originally 69.

95 the sequence the glitter on the sides I personally painted those what I did was put Mod Podge on the corners and on the sides. And I purchased thin glitter and the chunky glitter and added it to it I was inspired by the gallery. Because they have gorgeous glitter artwork. But of course the method I did was way cheaper than purchasing one of their art pieces it just reminds me so much of a Z Gallerie print I’m just so happy about this what do y’all think let me know in the comments this concludes my hum goods in marshal’s Hall thank you all so much for reading please comment thumbs up, if you like this post have a beautiful blessed day.

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