Homemade Decoration Ideas For Living Room

Homemade Decoration Ideas For Living Room

Fix the top braces with glue and screws.

Fit the two sets of legs inside each other and join together using hardwood dowel as pivots in the central holes. The dowel slides in through its hole on the inner leg, through a thin steel washer (which prevents the legs rubbing together) and finally into the outer leg (fix it here with wood glue).

Using an adjustable bevel, take the angle of the top of one leg and mark it on the ends of the top cross braces. Support the cross braces in a bench vice and plane the top side to the line you marked. Measure out the width of your webbing and mark equal spaces between each strip on the top of each brace. Cut end housings to take the webbing – stop short of the total width, so that the ends are not visible.

Cut webbing to span the two cross braces. Fix one end of the central length of webbing in its housing with tacks; hold the other end in position on the opposite cross brace. Place the tray on the base to find the correct point for fixing the unattached end of webbing – remember to allow the 1 cm C/2 in) clearance each side. Then you can cut and tack the remaining lengths of webbing in place.

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