House And Home Xmas Decorating

House And Home Xmas Decorating

Change the Arrangement
Move things around and the room will look different. For example, exchange the things on a table with those on a shelf. Move things to a different room. Rearrange the furniture.

Change lamps for a different lighting perspective.

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Getting Ideas
Look through a bunch of home furnishings catalogs, magazines, and posts. Jot down ideas of things you’d like to do, even if in your heart of hearts you know you probably won’t. In post publishing they have a name for style posts.

They call them “dream posts. ? So when the snow is falling and the temperature drops, gather the material around you, snuggle into your new cozy environment, and dream about the projects you may or may not do. Who knows, you just might.
SO Favorite Things
Most decorating magazines have a page that represents the editor’s favorite things. These items are usually related in some way to new products on the market.

Over the years I’ve accumulated a few favorite things without which I can’t set a table, decorate for the holidays, arrange furniture, do a tablescape or whatever else needs attention in my home.

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