House Decoration Ideas

House Decoration Ideas

NATURAL FABRICS, in a classic partnership of blues and browns – earth and sky colours – are lightened here by a creamy froth of lace and a bouquet of embroidered anemones. Some of the old-fashioned things have never been improved upon: down-filled, flowered and chequered patchwork quilts; fragrant bolts of crisp cotton, linen and ticking; touchable velvets; briskly-utilitarian coir; and the traditional intricacies of indigo batik.

Decorative table linen Hand-printed and cutwork embroidery

It is a sad fact of life that wall-to-wall carpeting just does not look quite right in a country context. But if the undoubted comfort and convenience of carpets are important to you, there are styles you can choose that will look better than others. Finely patterned or plain wool carpets in country vicarage colours – sage and olive green, faded pink, Wedgwood blue and cream pull a room together and give it warmth. And cord carpet comes in a wide range of colours – the dark shades make an excellent foil to jewel-bright oriental rugs.

Terracotta and polished wood have a friendly relationship with humble mats – be they sisal, plaited rush, coir or seagrass – which make the perfect country floor-coverings. You can add colour with a mosaic of rugs – garnet and indigo Persian rugs, nicely faded Turkish carpets, or perhaps a collection of kelims.

Making your own rugs Rugs are friendly to the feet and surprisingly quick to make. They can be made by pushing yarn through the backing fabric to form loops, or knotting yarn on to open mesh canvas, which will form a dense pile rug. Alternatively, simple woven rugs and needlepoint rugs provide a wonderful opportunity to experiment with colour. Designs of Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant in the 1930s are very inspiring, or you can adapt anything from postcards to painted tin trays and enlarge their patterns on to the backing fabric with a felt tip pen. Then copy the original colours with identical shades of tapestry wool. This is an affordable way to emulate the gentle opulence of the Aubusson rugs of France or the brilliance of a priceless prayer mat.

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