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Hey guys! Sometimes the smallest, simplest jobs are the most effective when prepping your house for sale. Join the team to see how this house performs once it hits the property market on the Better Homes and Gardens TV show. Check your local TV guide for scheduling information. Go to for more hints, tips and tricks Removing kitchen flooring Tip 24 REMOVING WALLPAPER Daggy old wallpaper can really date a room. Removing it makes a big difference and should be one of the first steps in your makeover. You’ll need Wallpaper scoring tool; wallpaper stripper (hired); wide scraper; bucket and sponge; sugar soap Here’s how STEP 1 If wallpaper is peeling in a corner, try pulling it off by hand. Even if you don’t pull all of it off, there will be less to remove later. STEP 2 Roll wallpaper scoring tool over remaining wallpaper. The tool perforates the paper to allow the moisture from the stripper to get in. House design ideas STEP 3 Use a hired wallpaper stripper ($23 for 4 hours from Bunnings) to remove remaining wallpaper. The heat and moisture loosens wallpaper adhesive, making removal easier. STEP 4 Follow stripper with wide scraper. Keep scraper as flat as possible against wall to avoid digging into surface. STEP 5 When wallpaper is removed, wash walls with sugar soap to remove any adhesive residue.

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