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Still haven’t seen the light? Visit one of the majestic lighthouses that stand proudly along the Outer Banks. The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, at 208 feet high, is the tallest lighthouse in the United States. But be sure to check out The Bodie Island, Ocracoke, and Currituck Beach Lighthouses as well, each one warning ships of dangers lurking in the coastal waters. For those ships that didn’t make it to shore safely, they live in infamy at the newly opened Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum in Hatteras. The museum is a public, non-profit, educational institution dedicated to the preservation, advancement, and presentation of the maritime history and shipwrecks of the North Carolina Outer Banks from the earliest periods of exploration andor colonization to the present day with particular emphasis on the periods from 1524 to 1945. The Museum preserves, researches, exhibits, and interprets its collections for the benefit of the general public and specialized audiences.

It also serves its diverse audiences in order to inspire appreciation, encourage discovery, and promote an active, responsible understanding for the maritime heritage of the Outer Banks in itself and in relation to that of the United States and the broader history of seafaring. Upon a day of activities along the Banks, House designing it’s time to finish with shopping at some of the specialty shops followed by dining on local fare. Then it’s finally back to your beachside cottage to relax and revel in your newfound memories of a magical vacation. For more information on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, please visit, or call 877-298-4373.

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