House Ideas With Photos

House Ideas With Photos

Other shapes
Unusually shaped, hexagonal and octagonal tiles can be used to great dramatic effect either by themselves or in combination with square or rectangular tiles. As with any unusual tile design, plot the effect you want to achieve on graph paper before you start on the wall to avoid errors that will be difficult to correct. Bl
Border tiles
There is now a vast range of dado and border tiles on the market; some are patterned, others plain or with a belbow grease, gives an infinitely me subtle and beautiful finish.
Glass tiles or bricks are a great way breaking up a space without runm; the risk of blocking out light or cres ing a closed-in, cramped atmosphe in the room.
The Airm. namr! and earthy tones of giazei or urs glazed terracotta combine woodcrtulh with the natu rally-biased elements of todays interiors. Unglazed temcocra dies need sealing with wax or polyurethane varnish to make them stain- and water-resistant. B

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