How To Assemble Flat-Pack Furniture

Work in the room that the furniture is intended for and give yourself some space. You may need someone else to help hold things in place. Allow plenty of time, don’t rush and follow this logical process.

1 Remove all the packaging with care and move it out of the way, unless you wish to use a sheet of the cardboard to protect your floor surface. Locate the instructions and check that all the parts, fixings and assembly tools listed are present.

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Set aside screws, bolts and other small parts in separate piles or containers.

2 Read through the instructions before you attempt to put anything together so you have an overview of the various steps.

3 Working methodically will minimise the opportunity for mistakes to creep in. Follow the steps, checking your work matches the instruction diagrams as you complete each section. When there’s a choice of pieces or screws that are almost identical, except for the sizes, double-check you have the right one for the stage you are on – this is one of the most common reasons for flat-pack disaster.

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