How To Be A Good Host Weekend And Overnight Guests

Provide your guests with clean bedding, plenty of pillows and fluffy towels, a spare blanket in cold weather, water glasses and a carafe of fresh water. Check the bedside lights work, leave some light bedside reading and give them some space to hang or store clothes. A small jug of flowers in the bedroom can be welcoming. Check there’s soap and loo paper in the bathroom.

Make life easy for everyone by printing out the Wi-Fi code, how the house alarm works and any parking regulations before your guests arrive.

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Tell them what your schedule is, if you’re working or need to do everyday things while they are around. Help them with local knowledge if they’re planning some sightseeing without you and lend them a spare set of keys. Offer your guests food and drink or show them how to help themselves.


• Cook something you already know how to do to sidestep culinary disasters and food arriving late at the table. In fact, make sure there is plenty to eat and drink and you can’t go far wrong!

• Give your guests a drink on arrival and something to nibble at before the meal.

• Create a mellow playlist to give a relaxed ambience during a supper party and a lively one for dance parties.

• Resolve to do the bulk of the clearing up the next day so everyone can enjoy the evening.

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