How To Change A Light Bulb

Switch off the lamp or light fitting and be sure the bulb is cool before removing it.

Unscrew the bulb from the socket – or if it has a bayonet fitting, hold the bulb and push it in and turn anti-clockwise until it releases. Do this with a firm grip on the bulb and a gentle action to avoid shattering the glass.

Replace with a new bulb, making sure it has the recommended wattage for the fitting to prevent overheating or singeing fabric shades. Screw firmly into place – or for the bayonet type, line up the twin prongs of the bulb over the two slots in the fitting, push them in and twist the bulb clockwise into place. Turn on the light switch to check that it is working.

Exceptionally long-lasting, eco-friendly bulbs (LEDs) are rapidly replacing compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs) – the early green solution to traditional incandescent light bulbs.

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These newer LEDs can last up to 35 times longer.

To change a downlight bulb, flick the light switch to the off position. Get a sturdy ladder, and some newspaper to protect carpet from a possible soot shower. Most fittings are spring-loaded and just need grasping round the outer rim with your fingers and pulling down gently, while supporting the light bulb. Ease the old bulb out of its socket and fit the new one in. Nestle it into the fitting and push it back into the ceiling.

For light fittings situated in tall ceilings or high landings you may need an electrician’s help.

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