Don’t just flush and run when you’ve been. Check the loo to be sure it’s in a pleasant condition for the next person. Take the long-handled loo brush, usually found in its holder beside the toilet, and scrub away any stubborn residue or streaks left after flushing. Tap the arm of the brush against the side of the seat to shake off drips before transferring back to its holder. It’s considered good manners to leave the loo seat down – and the lid, too – particularly after a longer visit!


Toilets should be deep cleaned once a week to keep germs and viruses at bay, or more often if there’s been a virulent stomach bug in your household. Wear rubber gloves, kept for this purpose, if preferred.

Carefully squirt strong, thick bleach under the inside rim and round the toilet bowl, or use a special-purpose toilet cleaner for the job.

Leave this on for around 10 minutes to neutralise bacteria while you work on the outside of the toilet (including the flush handle and the area around the seat hinges). Work from the top down to the floor with toilet cleaner and a disposable cloth. Then clean all the seat surfaces, including the lid and the rim under the seat.

With the loo brush, scrub away at any stains or limescale marks under the rim and inside the toilet bowl. Tip waste water from the loo brush holder down the loo. Add a little bleach to the bottom of the holder. Then shut the toilet lid and flush away the bleach.

It’s a good idea to wash the handbasin and bathroom door handles at the same time.

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