Grimy windows are harder to clean, so to keep things easy clean all the glass twice a year and bring extra light into your home.

Clean windows on a dull day as strong sunlight can dry windows too quickly, leaving streaks.


Before starting, clear the space round the window you intend to clean. Protect the floor or surrounding furniture from water splashes. Remove dust and cobwebs with a brush.

Squirt a little washing-up liquid into a bucket of warm water – too many soap suds are harder to wash off the window. Alternatively, add two tablespoons of vinegar to the water. Wet a sponge and squeeze well before you apply it to the glass to avoid drips. Rub the sponge over each pane, inside and out, to remove the dirt.

Purpose-made window cleaners can be sprayed directly onto glass and polished off, but strong versions can damage paintwork or soft furnishings.

Work a rubber-bladed squeegee down the glass from top to bottom in an S-shaped motion to push the water down and off the surface. Clean the blade from time to time with a rag to remove the dirt.

Use a clean, slightly damp microfibre cloth, chamois leather, or a worn-out T-shirt to take off any remaining water. An old trick of professional window cleaners is to use scrunched up newspaper to add sparkle and shine to dried windows, although you will end up with newsprint on your hands!

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