How To Decorate Small Living Rooms

How To Decorate Small Living Rooms

What are your passions and hobbies?

Paulette: My real hobby is work! (Laughs.) I’m originally from New York, and I’m still a Yankees fan and a Broadway aficionado. Also, I love people. You know the expression “six degrees of separation”? In the real estate world there are two degrees of separation. It’s remarkable wherever you are, you run into a client.

Dana: Also, we’re both foodies; we love to try great restaurants around the world. And we both love to travel I spent time in Italy this summer. And I’m a huge Miami Dolphins fan.

You both sound smooth and assured. Has anything awkward happened to you?

Dana: Well, we’ve had houses that were supposed to be vacant and found, when we walked in to show them, that the owner was in the shower. That’s happened more than once.

Any clients whose names we’d know?

We’ve sold to Michael Jordan, Yanni, Tiger Woods and Gary Player.

What keeps you motivated?

Dana: We enjoy what we’re doing. When you’re putting in so many hours, you have to.

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