How To Design Living Room Furniture

How To Design Living Room Furniture

Furniture Techniques

ITurn the tray upside down and mark a line 6 mm (in) in from the edge, all the way round. Make up a frame from 12 x 12 mm (1/2 x V2 in) square section wood, mitred at the corners and glued into position on the tray along the inside of the line. This frame will act as a position guide when setting down the tray.

Turning a Tray into a Table

LIGHTWEIGHT, folding base is perfect to transform a large and solid tray into an occasional table. You could decorate a plain, wooden tray to match the legs, so that you have what appears to be one piece of furniture. It’s easiest to decorate the legs before they are assembled.

Use a hardwood like ramin or mahogany for the frames – you may need to visit a timber specialist for this. Ask for a planed finish of 50 x 25 mm (2×1 in) and 50 x 50 mm (2×2 in).

It’s a good idea to draw up a full-scale plan of the legs to ensure that the angle at which the legs meet the floor is correct. This angle is determined by the breadth of the wooden rim that you will fix to the underside of the tray to keep it in position on the legs (minus 1 cm (1/2 in) leeway each side so that the fit of the tray on the legs is not too tight).

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